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For information about university admission, please visit the DAAD website.

Bonn is known for its universities.  It is a city for scholars and researchers.  The ‘Alma Mater’, the main building of the University of Bonn, is located in the city centre, noticeable for its grand and graceful architecture. There are four major universities and colleges in Bonn and its surrounding areas.

Rheinische Friedrick–William–University of Bonn 

Website of Bonn university with infos for international students

General Information

University of Bonn was founded on October 18th, 1818 by the Prussian King Friederick William III, who intended to establish a favourable reputation in the region as well as abroad. It is one of the ten largest universities in Germany.


There are 38,500 students at the University of Bonn, of which 5,200 being foreign students from 140 nations. Foreign post-doc students and researchers participate in collaborations of teaching and research fields with over 1,500 projects internationally.


The University of Bonn offers the following degrees:
  • Master of Arts (M.A. Magister)

  • Master of Science (D. Diplom)

  • Exams for Medicine or Law (S. Staatsexamen)

  • KiEx. (Kirchliches Examen) -degree in Theology.

  • Ph.D. programs are available


University of Bonn collaborates with 55 other Universities in Toulouse, Warsaw, Prague, Florence, Jerusalem, Kyoto, and Waseda University in Tokyo.  

Libraries of the University Bonn

The largest university library is the ULB (Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek), which contains 2.22 million volumes of books and other materials. There are an additional 160 libraries from U of Bonn’s institutes, seminars and clinics.

Areas of Studies

  • School of Catholic -Protestant Theology

  • School of Protestant Theology

  • School of Government and Law

  • School of Philosophy

  • School of Mathematics and Sciences

  • School of Medicine

  • School of Agriculture


University of Applied Sciences 

The Bonn-Rhein-Sieg College was founded on January 1, 1995. It is located in three areas of Sankt Augustin, Rheinbach and Hennef, bridging the River Rhine and the local region.

The degree programs offered are:

  • Bachelor in Computer Science

  • Bachelor and Master in Business Administration (FB 04), Master in Biology with Biomedical Sciences and Bachelor in Chemistry with Material Sciences (FB 05)

  • Bachelor in Social Sciences (FB 06)

Internationally oriented

In order to meet the demands of the region and its economical competitiveness internationally, additional courses are designed to assist the students to better prepare themselves in the professional workplace:
  • Foreign Language courses in English, Spanish and Russian.

  • Through collaborations with colleges and institutes abroad, the students have the possibility to study and conduct research at least one Semester in a partner institution internationally. Both Bachelor’s and Diplom degrees are offered.


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Bonn university main building

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