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If you want to book one of our language courses please download the registration form (PDF) , send it filled out to our office and we will contact you for further assistance. Alternatively, you can download the Word form, fill it in digitally and send it per mail.


For students who do not need a language visa, an online registration is possible. Students who need a language visa, please use the PDF form or the Word form.

Information for students who need a language visa:

For registration at our language courses and for getting a language visa, please proceed the following way:

1) Tell us the desired duration of course (for visa matters, the registration for at least 16 weeks of intensive courses are recommended) and the desired starting date. You can of course also register and pay for more weeks at once. As the embassy may need up to 8 weeks for the visa procedure, we recommend to register at least 9 weeks before the start of the course. A list of available courses can be found here.

Please get additional information at the German embassy of your country about additional visa conditions (as health insurance, bank account, declaration of commitment etc.). These conditions vary from country to country and can change quite often. Here are addresses of German embassies.

2) Send us the registration form (see attached word file) filled in.

3) Wire the amount (course fees and registration fee) to our bank account. A survey of our course fees and our bank information can be found here.

4) As soon as we have received the registration form and the payment, we send you a confirmation of registration (invitation) and payment by normal post. If it takes too long for normal post to your country, we can send it by DHL which costs 62 Euro that you add to your bank transfer.

5) For getting the visa, bring the confirmation to the German embassy and apply for the visa. It may take up to 8 weeks, before the visa is ready, so please plan your stay in German accordingly.

6) If you need a health insurance during your stay in Germany, you'll find further information here.



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