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G-, M-, S-, T-, and W- Courses at the Studienkolleg for Preparation for the FSP at the Steinke-Insitut

For students who do not need to pass the German assessment test (FSP) for universities, we also offer a study college in English language (M, T and W courses). These preparation courses in English are designed for students who apply for a university or "Fachhochschule" in Germany with English-language subjects. Please click here for further information.

The Steinke-Institut will prepare you over the course of two semesters for the college admissions assessment test (FSP) in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Why is a rigorous and thorough preparation for the FSP necessary?

Those who wish to pass the FSP have to prepare themselves well and usually require assistance. According to the assessments of various Studienkollegs, the failure rate of self-taught FSP participants is a frightening 90%; some suggest an even higher percentage. Even those who manage to pass have difficulty receiving admission to German universities and other institutions of higher education because of their comparatively low scores.

The Steinke-Institut meets this high demand for professional college admissions preparation. The Steinke-Institut is restricted by the standard admissions requirements for Studienkollegs set forth by the Government of North Rhine-Westphalia. After assessment of the applicant’s application, registration takes place in the offices on the fourth floor above the ground floor of the Steinke-Insitut.

For the out of house FSP, register with the district government in     Düsseldorf.

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