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German Intensive Courses

We offer a broad spectrum of language courses as well as activities to best enrich the students’ learning experience.  Final exams take place at the end of each course and certificates are issued for each level achieved.

Beginner - Levels A1, A2 and B1

The level provides the basic grammar and vocabulary for those without any previous German language knowledge.

Course schedules

Intermediate - Levels B2 and C1

As it is the aim of the Intermediate Courses to enlarge both vocabulary and correct use of grammar, the student will be put in the position to express precisely and to choose between alternating terms. Contents will orientate more to current themes, furthermore to literary texts.

Course schedules

DSH/TestDaF intensive courses

This course prepares the students for the entrance exams of a German university. This course requires a level and requires a level of C1.

Course schedules

Prep Courses

The institute provides students who intend to study in a German partner universities, special prep courses for German, Math, Physics, Economics and Art.


After successful participation of each course our course participants receive the Steinke Institute Certificate for all levels (A1 - C1).

Hours: 18 teaching units each week (intensive courses).  1 teaching unit is 45 minutes. Please see our Course schedules here.

Please contact us via phone or mail for detailed information or visit our office (between 9am and 6pm).

   Special courses

   Superintensive courses

   These evening courses are designed for experienced    foreign language learnes who would like to reach a course    level within 5 weeks. The courses contain 100 teaching    units.

   Course schedules

   Compact course (Kompaktkurse)

   These courses are designed for experienced learners who    would like to reacht a course level within 6 weeks. The    compact courses contain 120 teaching units per level and    can be extended to a regular intensive course of 160    teaching units through the additional modules "grammar",    "conversation" and "tutorage"

   Course schedules

   Evening courses

   We offer special evening classes for professionals with    four teaching units of tuition a week, which we call our    Mini-Course. There are evening courses for each level.

   Course schedules

   Holiday Courses

   We offer holiday courses for pupils and students,    especially in summer. Please contact us for further    information.

   Course schedules

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